Getting to show up correctly in common-auth-pc using pam-config

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Unsure if the pam-config tool is SuSE specific or not, but I’ve some questions about it’s handling of pam_env, and how the default pam configuration is built.

Doing a plain install of openSUSE 13.2, the common-auth-pc file, which is symlinked to common-auth, has the following stanza:

auth    required      
auth    sufficient    
auth    required  use_first_pass  

However, when I try to recreate the configuration with pam-config, shows up in common-session-pc instead:

session required    
session required  
session optional      

I’m trying to find out at this point, does the installer for openSUSE use it’s own routines for generating the PAM configuration or does it somehow pass the configuration to pam-config that I haven’t figured how to duplicate?

If the installer uses it’s own routines, which is right? The installer, or pam-config?

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