Want to set custom locations for passwd/shadow.

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I'm using Linux-Pam on an embedded linux device, where most the root directory is read-only. I compile Linux-Pam and other software with --prefix=/opt where addition libraries and applications can be stored and run from usb. It seems that the default location for 'passwd', 'shadow', and pam.d conf file locations is very much hard-coded to /etc.

I tried running the following command to change all occurrences of /etc to /opt/etc, hoping that I then could store passwd/shadow files in /opt/etc, and have pam reference those for authentication.

find . -type f -exec sed -i 's,\/etc,\/opt\/etc,g' {} \;

I can now successfully store all the pam.d files in /opt/etc/pam.d, but no matter what I try, pam still reference /etc for passwd/shadow. Any occurrence of passwd or shadow when grepping through the code seems to all begin with the /opt prefix. I use pam for ssh and openvpn authentication (also in tandem with google two-factor authentication) , and in particular would like to use pam_unix to handle this. It works fine when logging in with users found in the default /etc location, but it is much more practical for me to maintain my own passwd file in it's own location for the uses mentioned.

thanks for any tips


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