Need Help with PAM reset option

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Hello Group

  I have a problem facing with reset option that PAM supports.

  I have a config like this

  auth sufficient Module1
  auth sufficient Module2

  account required Module1
  account required Module2
  account  [success=ok ignore=ignore perm_denied=reset default=ok]     Module_X

The problem I am facing is "reset" option is not working. The code flow is observed a s follows

  1) Auth Module1 success
  2) Account Module1, Module 2 success

  3) Account Module_X-> fail (note " but reset option was provided in config)

  4) Auth Module2 success

  5) Account Module1, Module2 success

  6) Acount Module-X - > success

But the problem is overall authorization/PAM is reporting failure due to step 3.

My understanding is it has to reset the current state but looks like it is maintaining the state across the stack even though reset option is provided

Please let me know if I am missing something here

Help is appreciated

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