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Hi all,

I have the following lines in my file /etc/security/access.conf for the purpose of my testing.

- : bryan.harris.adm : ALL
- : ALL : ALL

When I place the following into /etc/pam.d/sshd I can prevent my login.  The error is "pam_access(sshd:account): access denied for user `bryan.harris.adm' from" which looks like exactly what I want to see.

account required

When I place the following into /etc/pam.d/sshd I can once again login just fine and access.conf seems to be ignored.

account required listsep=,

The motivation is that I want to only allow the AD group "Linux Admins" (without quotes) to be able to login.  So eventually I want to get a line like - : @Linux Admins : ALL into my /etc/security/access.conf file.

Can anyone explain how I can make this work properly?  I doubt I can convince the Windows guys to not use spaces in their group names but I could try.
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