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On 5/23/13 6:17 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:
On 5/23/13 12:49 PM, Joseph Lutz wrote:
Is anyone aware of some opensource software that will manage a systems /etc/pam.d configuration. I am looking for some software that I can tie into our Web Management system that will take care of writing changes to the pam.d files. Currently I am using come complected python programs that work fine for the particular setup that we are running. But I foresee changes needed in our setup. If I am going to rewrite part of the pam file management code I want to check if there is something already available to do at least part of the work.

Puppet works wonderfully.

And if you're running RHEL, consider checking out RHN Satellite (which provides centralized config management). CentOS systems could use Spacewalk (upstream source for Spacewalk).

:s/source for Spacewalk/source for Satellite/r

Some docs @

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