Re: and unix_chkpw setgid - does it work for regular users?

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On Thu, Aug 02, 2012 at 05:36:55PM +0200, Wolfgang Draxinger wrote:
> I'm currently trying to configure user authentication on a webserver,
> that shall use the normal system user names and passwords. I'm using
> Nginx as webserver, together with the auth_pam module, as packages by
> Debian wheezy.

> I expected that since unix_chkpw is set setgid shadow I could use
> for the webserver service just as is. However it turned
> out, that the user for the webserver process must be in the group
> "shadow" for authentication to work. If the webserver can't read shadow
> it doesn't work.

> I was under the impression the idea of unix_chkpw was to have process
> separation and by having a thoroughly audited helper program, that can
> be setgid safely so that a regular user can perform tests.

It's so that a regular user can *self* authenticate.  Allowing users to call
this setgid helper directly for other accounts would let them use it for
brute forcing of passwords.  So no, what you're asking for is disallowed by

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