Account locked by pam_tally does not reflect in passwd -S

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I was able to configure pam_tally on RHEL 5.5/6 and verify that account gets locked after 'n' unsuccessful attempts through different auth mechanisms like su, sshd, login etc.

I can also see the output of pam_tally or faillog that reflects the number of failed login attempts.

But when I try passwd -S <user name> after an account is locked through use of pam_tally, it does not relect account locked status.

see below for example output of faillog as well passwd -S after an account is locked using pam_tally
# faillog -u testuser1
Login Failures Maximum
testuser1 4 0

# passwd -S testuser1
testuser1 PS 10/17/2011 0 99999 7 -1

if I explicity lock a user using passwd -l option then the output of passwd -S reads as below
# passwd -S testuser1
testuser1 LK 10/17/2011 0 99999 7 -1

Can any one tell me if pam_tally and passwd lock options understand each other, if yes, is there any other configuration I have to do..


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