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On Thu, 2011-10-06 at 00:16 -0400, leonel06013@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> Hi:
> I'm createing a pam_sm_authenticate module for the gnome login windows, in this I
> need the userName and the password, I need to validate this information against a
> database, I have already obtained the username, and use pam_get_item(pamh,
> PAM_AUTHTOK, (const void **) pass);  to obtain the pass, where pass is a (char *),
> everything works fine, but when the user logs on, the variable pass is NULL, and I
> can not get the pass that the user put in the gnome login windows.
> How can I get the password of a user usign pam_get_item, using the item_type
> (PAM_AUTHTOK), can somebody give an example.

If the module is supposed to be used only with Linux-PAM you can use
pam_get_authtok() extension function from it to get the password.
Otherwise you have to copy the code that calls conversation functions to
obtain the password.
Tomas Mraz
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