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Hi Joe,

thanks for your reply. I tried your work-around, but unfortunately nothing changes. In fact, I still can't get the user to be asked to change his password after the first successful login. I also took a look at the entire ldap.conf file, looking for potentially interested directives, (as pam_lookup_policy for example), but everything seems OK.
Furthermore, I checked the status of the authentication settings on the client with authconfig --test


nss_ldap is enabled
 LDAP+TLS is disabled
 LDAP server = "ldaps://"
 LDAP base DN = "dc=xxx,dc=xxx"


As you can see, for the authentication sub-system LDAP+TLS is DISABLED. But I can assure you that LDAP servers only listen on 636 and that LDAP tools queries, (ldapmodify, ldapsearch...), only take place if a certificates database is present, as well as LDAP authentication over SSH only take place if the .pem certificate is presente in /etc/openldap/cacerts :)
My hypothesis now is: as you may know, passwords and encrypted communications are strictly tied between them, (e.g. Error 53: DSA is unwilling to perform. LDAP server refuses to change passwords if a minimum level of security is not assured). The fact that for NSS/PAM there's no TLS in communications with LDAP server - even if, in fact, there IS - could maybe result in this strange behavior?
I experienced anyway, during the installation and configuration, that the tool authconfig must be a little buggy, and sometimes feeding it with CORRECT informations at configuration time will result at the end in wrong settings to the PAM/NSS subsystems. So i always prefer to manually edit the files instead of use this tool.
I'll try to change some settings in this tool to make it work and to make it recognize that TLS is enabled and keep you updated.
For now, thanks anyway :)

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