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Le lun. 21 fïvr. 2011 Ã 16:09 +0100, chris a ecrit :
>   Hello,
>   Our users have two home directories : a local one (/home/user1) and
> the "pam directory" (/pam/users1).  When a user goes on a unix
> platform of the laboratory, he is automatically on the pam directory
> (/pam/users1).
>   Is it possible to do this thing : if the pam directory is
> inaccessible, the user is automatically on their local directory
> (/home/user1).

Maybe you could explain how (and when) the /pam/* directories 
are mounted, and which filesystem ? nfs...

A very basic solution would be to have each /pam/userN as a symbolic 
link on /home/userN, which would be the fallback. 
When automounting (?) is OK, it would be replaced by the real "shared" /pam/userN

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