Pam Auth Token Issue

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Hello All,

I am having an issue with the pam_mysql module. I have installed and configure it correctly but the all users failed authentication. I dug a little deeper in the code and found that the password retrived from the database and the comparison was sound. What is wrong with the module is when it gets the AuthToken the value is blank/null. I am not sure exactly why this is happening because to me the code looks sound. It is this line:

        retval = pam_get_item(pamh, PAM_AUTHTOK,
                (PAM_GET_ITEM_CONST void **)&passwd);

I have also notoced there was someone else with this issue from 2008. This is the link.

So if someone could help me out it would be great. As far as I know this only happens with sshd so maybe that is a clue.

Your help is apprectiated,
Michael Sierks

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