Announcing: pam_python PAM module version 1.0.0

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A new version of pam_python, 1.0.0 has been released.  
Version 1.0.0 has been updated to include some PAM 
additions such as the XAUTHDATA PAM item, and the 
documentation format has been changed to Sphinx, as 
used by Python 2.6.  This has allowed its inclusion
in Debian.

Pam_python is a PAM module that allows PAM modules to be 
written it Python.  In other words, it embeds the Python
interpreter into PAM and exposes the PAM Module API to 
the Python Modules it runs.

Its homepage is:

Note that it does a different job to PyPam (aka python-pam).
PyPam is a set of Python bindings for the PAM Application
API.  pam_python has bindings to the PAM Module API.

I don't monitor this list, so please CC any comments to me.

Russell Stuart

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