Re: Trouble with crypt(3) in pam module.

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On Sun, Jun 06, 2010 at 11:24:50AM +0200, Pedro Fortuny Ayuso wrote:
> Anthony,
> Yes, I did isolate the fault: it is the crypt() call for sure. Most probably
> it is the
> sshd thread context thing you mention (it is the only way I have tried to
> run it so far).
> As a matter of fact I tried to use also OpenSSL's BIOs and got another
> segfault when calling BIO_free() (all this in through sshd), which makes
> me think the thread context is the key to the problem.
> I shall try and use the crypt_r version. However, could you point me
> to some place where this thread context of sshd is explained? Is there a way

I don't believe there's any better explanation other than the source code,
see auth-pam.c in any openssh portable release tree.

> to replicate crypt() using OpenSSL?

There are several ways to replicate crypt() via OpenSSL, see, I assume DES_fcrypt
is probably what you need.

> Thanks a lot,
> Pedro.

Hope that helps,


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