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I have to set two authentication method :
- first, the main interface asks the user to provide the login. If the user forget his smart card, he has to provide his login and pwd. Otherwise, the user inserts his card and the system discerns the smart card, so ( at the same time ) :
- second, we topple over a new interface displaying on the screen " Hello xxxx. Please enter your PIN code " (the system will have retrieve the username xxxx from the card ).

I think about using thread to implement both authentication. For example, threadA will deal with the first interface and threadB will run in background and as soon as the user inserts the card, it notify threadA .
I looked for the PAM scheme (application - libpam - - pam.d ) and I am asking myself if I can implement thread.
I compiled and run the pam_pkcs11.c to see how going about things. I pointed out that, anyway, user has to enter his login then enter his PIN code ( if a card is discerned ) or enter his pwd (if he forgets his card ).

the aim of my project : the user must not to enter login, the system have to be able to read the login on the card and display it. And overall, if the user forgets his card, ask him for the login and pwd.

My question :
- is there someone who used thread in PAM in such situation ?

Thanks for your help,


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