Re: Statically linking custom provider to libcrypto

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You definitely don't want to follow the example set by the FIPS provider -- it is dynamic only.
Have a look at the OSSL_PROVIDER_add_builtin() call.


On 25/1/23 17:57, Deividas Mozūraitis wrote:
Dear OpenSSL users,

I've written a custom provider performing KEM and a bunch of other operations. I compiled this provider dynamically, loaded it in OpenSSL and it all works fine.

However, I have a requirement that the final product must be a statically linked OpenSSL executable and libcrypto/libssl. How can this be achieved ? I looked at the source code and my guess is that I should try to mimic how libfips is compiled, but I'm not exactly sure how the OpenSSL build system works - I goofed around in providers/ and OpenSSL did compile a bunch of object files from my providers source code, but it never actually linked anything.

Is there an easier way of doing this, or is this use case completely unsupported and I should forget about it ?

Thank you,


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