An issue with EVP_PKEY_CTX_get0_pkey()?

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The problem manifests itself when I attempt to compile Ruby gem "openssl-3.1.0" (I doubt it relates to OpenSSL release 3.1.0, but I'm not sure).

It seems to be related to the fact that 'struct evp_md_ctx_st' is not available?

Here's the offending lines (I don't see any problem with them):

EVP_MD_CTX *ctx;
EVP_PKEY *pkey;

GetHMAC(self, ctx);
pkey = EVP_PKEY_CTX_get0_pkey(EVP_MD_CTX_get_pkey_ctx(ctx));

Here's the error message:

compiling ossl_hmac.c
In file included from ossl_hmac.c:10:
In file included from ./ossl.h:178:
./openssl_missing.h:195:11: warning: 'TS_VERIFY_CTS_set_certs' macro redefined [-Wmacro-redefined]
#  define TS_VERIFY_CTS_set_certs(ctx, crts) ((ctx)->certs=(crts))
/opt/local/libexec/openssl3/include/openssl/ts.h:424:11: note: previous definition is here
#  define TS_VERIFY_CTS_set_certs(ctx, cert) TS_VERIFY_CTX_set_certs(ctx,cert)
ossl_hmac.c:249:35: error: incomplete definition of type 'struct evp_md_ctx_st'
    pkey = EVP_PKEY_CTX_get0_pkey(EVP_MD_CTX_get_pkey_ctx(ctx));
./openssl_missing.h:230:41: note: expanded from macro 'EVP_MD_CTX_get_pkey_ctx'
#  define EVP_MD_CTX_get_pkey_ctx(x) (x)->pctx
/opt/local/libexec/openssl3/include/openssl/types.h:104:16: note: forward declaration of 'struct evp_md_ctx_st'
typedef struct evp_md_ctx_st EVP_MD_CTX;
1 warning and 1 error generated.
make: *** [ossl_hmac.o] Error 1

I'd appreciate any help or advice. Is it an OpenSSL problem? An openssl-3.1.0-rubygem problem? Do I need to report it on some Rubygems list?

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