Custom Provider - EVP_CIPHER_fetch fails

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Hello OpenSSL users,


  I am in preparation of a provider (for a custom crypto) by referring OpenSSL 3 design doc (I use Linux 5.10 + OpenSSL 3.0.7). I believe, the custom provider has all required call backs implemented for the cipher functionalities in its dispatch table.


  I have another test application (for encryption and decryption of a text message). At the starting of the app, it calls OSSL_PROVIDER_load and EVP_CIPHER_fetch functions to the custom provider. But unfortunately custom provider fetch function fails…


What could be the missing or how to make sure that the custom provider is loaded correctly before calling the fetch function?


cipher = EVP_CIPHER_fetch(NULL, "AES-256-CBC-CTS", NULL);  -> This will work, default provider

cipher = EVP_CIPHER_fetch(NULL, "CUSTOM_ALGO", NULL);  -> returns NULL, custom provider


Confg file:

openssl_conf = openssl_init



providers = provider_section



customProv = customProv_section

default = default_sect



provider_id = customProv

module_path = /userfs/lib/

algorithms = CUSTOM_ALGO

activate = 1



algorithms = AES-256-CBC-CTS

activate = 1


Thank you,




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