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We have an issue where we’re using SuSE provided OpenSSH 8.4 and we have an application using Local Port Forwarding where TCP state does not appear to be working right.

In our problem, we have a separate Linux box app server[] using a TCP forward listening on another box[], let’s say port 8000.  That port 8000 forward is through another system( that goes to the actual forwarded host fo on port 80.  Hopefully that makes sense?  :)

The problem itself:
1. sends a TCP RST to the for the forwarded connection.  
2.  The connection needing to be close appears to get to the host (as we would expect) but it doesn’t send an RST, it sends an FIN to  
3.  The host sends and ACK but no FIN leaving the in the FIN_WAIT2 state.  Since SSH itself hasn’t closed, this connection stays in this state.

We have the vendor of the software pushing back that because their host sent an RST, SSH should as part of its forward also be sending an RST.  

Any thoughts on this behavior?  This started a few months ago and we aren’t sure of the exact change that may have caused it to crop up.

Jeremy Guthrie
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