Re: SFTP support for subsecond times

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On Sun, 2023-07-16 at 17:26 +0200, Daja / Dahya / Mark Dominik Bürkle
> using "synchronized" subsecond timestamps imho only makes sense with
> synchronized time (ntp) through that ssh tunnel, too.
> and with this assumption a "full VPN ssh usage" instead of "only
> filesystem timestamps" [maybe trying with target systems without
> subsecond timestamps?] seems impractical to me. or at least "...
> [sry, didnt have internet to send,
> incomplete but readable imho.]

I don't want to put words in Antonio's mouth, but what he pointed out
seems to me to be this:

- sftp strips the low-order bits from timestamps.
- This is arguably a bug.
- It's fixable with a small patch.
- The fix is both backwards-compatible and standards-compatible.
- He'd be willing to implement it.

I think his analysis is correct.

The ensuing discussion about backups, file servers, tunnels etc. is
hardly relevant.

Hans Petter

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