Question About Dynamic Remote Forwarding

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Hi all,

When a client requests dynamic remote forwarding with -R it delays forking into the background. In ssh.c we see

if (options.fork_after_authentication) {
    if (options.exit_on_forward_failure &&
        options.num_remote_forwards > 0) {
            debug("deferring postauth fork until remote forward "
                  "confirmation received");
     } else

This seems to depend on forwarding_success() for it to then call fork_postauth.

If I'm reading this correctly the client sends out a number of forward requests which is tracked via forward_confirms_pending in ssh.c.

Is there any equivalent on the server side to track the number of received requests?

I ask because I'm trying, for various reasons, to trigger a rekey on the server side *after* the client forks in a dynamic remote forward scenario. I know that the server can't actually know for certain if the client has or hasn't forked but if I could track the number of confirmations the server has sent I can use that as a reasonable proxy. I could use an ssh control message to do this but I'd rather not if I don't have to.


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