Re: SFTP support for subsecond times

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On 25.05.23 14:28, Daja / Dahya / Mark Dominik Bürkle wrote:
using "synchronized" subsecond timestamps imho only makes sense with
synchronized time (ntp) through that ssh tunnel, too.

I don't think that one'll get very good results from running NTP *through SSH* (or any other kind of connection with the delay+jitter of a crypto layer), though. And that's even *before* considering the effects of the SSH connection occasionally getting closed and reopened every now and then.

*If*¹ you need well-synced computer clocks to make use of those precision timestamps, better use "conventional means" (which might involve having the two sites' clocks "linked" by a suitable external source like GPS or a 3rd party NTP server, rather than a direct NTP peering).

¹ I seem to remember that the OP had a problem when the server the files *originally came from* saw differing timestamps on the remote copies, which would IMHO be fixed by copying the exact timestamps over even if the remote clock is *not* in sync.

Kind regards,
Jochen Bern

Binect GmbH

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