Re: Killing the OpenSSH server doesn't cause the Windows OpenSSH client to die

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It depends how you "kill" the SSH server.

If you kill it by sending it a SIGKILL signal, it will NOT notify the client, so the client will stay running until the client discovers the connection is broken.

What happens if you send the SSH server a SIGHUP signal? This should cause an orderly shutdown on the server, which should notify the client, which should cause the client to do an orderly shutdown.

On Fri, 7 Apr 2023, Yuri wrote:

I connect with the OpenSSH client on Windows to the OpenSSH server on FreeBSD, all in one LAN, Wifi to Eithernet.

After a while, usually when the connection is inactive for some time, it becomes dysfunctional: it becomes impossible to connect through reverse port forwards from FreeBSD to Windows.

At such times killing the ssh server process on FreeBSD, corresponding to the connection, doesn't cause the client to exit on Windows.

But hitting Enter on the client in Windows causes it to immediately exit.

Did anybody experience a problem like this?

Could there be a bug in OpenSSH?

Is it possible that Windows fails to deliver the signal to the client that the connection was terminated?

Thank you,


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