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On Mon, 3 Apr 2023, François Ouellet wrote:

> > IIRC we toyed with recording something fake like "sftp" in ut_line
> > but that caused problems as none of the other tools were set up to
> > accept it.
> Is there an archive of the discussion of the problems it brings to the
> other tools?  I'd like to understand the issues.

Discussion was probably on this list, though some of it might have
been by direct email.

> What other tools are impacted?  If I don't need them, would it be 
> possible to think about adding an option to enter fake utmp entries for
> interal-sftp sessions (or any other subsystem, I'm only seeing my own
> little problem here)? 

Potentially anything that uses utmp is impacted. The difficulty of
figuring out what software is in this set is part of the problem.

> Could I find some code from those tests from some time ago and apply
> it locally?  Was there anything publicly available?  A quick glance
> at the code was not enough for me to see anything obvious that could
> be done.

No, I don't think anything was recorded.

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