Re: ssh host keys on cloned virtual machines

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Am 24.02.23 um 13:11 schrieb Jan Schermer:
One solution I used was simply scripting the deletion of the host key after cloning it.
Another solution is to delete them in the golden image you create (which could be a different scenario from cloning whatever machine you need)

The golden image can not have a hard wired magic which generates new host keys, as it is maintained from time to time using ssh.

Both approaches worked well enough except when they didn’t.

I think, I have seen this, too.
It would be great to be able to specify path to hostkey including some sort of $hostname variable, so it would be regenerated if hostname changes, but that is probably better solved in a startup script. Maybe modifying it to create a symlink from the hostkey to a filename including hostname? I wonder how fragile that would be and if something like that already exists. Not sure if MAC or hostname are the right distinguishing parameters, though, maybe something like dmidecode UUID?

The MAC is my weapon of choice, because no matter what virtualization you have, this will (in a sense, it hast to) change. Changing the hostname comes with the Ansible stuff, but this is already too late.


Thanks Jan.
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