Re: sshd Failing New Inbound Connections

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Peter Stuge wrote in
 |Damien Miller wrote:
 |>> "fatal: bad addr or host: ::1 (no address associated with name)"
 |> sshd doesn't need to actually resolve the listenaddress directives in
 |> the reexec path, so skip it.
 |Is a further improvement possible where addresses are recognized as
 |such without the resolver, eliminating the resolver as a source of
 |problems when it's actually not applicable?
 |I don't know how easy it is to accomplish very portably? :\
 |POSIX.1-2001 offers inet_pton() but that essentially requires trying
 |both AF_INET and AF_INET6 explicitly.

I wonder, don't you usually do

    c_af = (su_cs_find_c(pgp->pg_ca, ':') != NIL) ? AF_INET6 : AF_INET;
    if(inet_pton(c_af, pgp->pg_ca,
             (c_af == AF_INET ? S(void*,&c_sip.v4)
             : S(void*,&c_sip.v6))) != 1){

Problem (for me regarding inet_pton(3)) is more that this beast
fails for things like, it expects properly
formatted  (This at least GNU LibC, i personally see
this as a bug, even though POSIX says "standard text
interpretation" --- but that surely is decimal and then
"compression" (to use the term for IPv4) should be applicable or

 |getaddrinfo() sometimes supports AI_NUMERICHOST which could perhaps
 |be tried once opportunistically, before trying again with it unset?
 |Would it be worthwhile to do something like that even if it only
 |works on some platforms? (Others would keep current behavior.)

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