Re: Recent change in readconf.c incorrectly prioritises DSA keys - openssh-portable only

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On Sun, 20 Feb 2022 at 06:16, Andrew Fyfe <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There was a recent change on the 4th Feb to readconf.c which moved DSA keys to the end
> of the default list of public keys as they are deprecated. The change was made correctly
> in openssh[1][2], however in openssh-portable[3] the RSA key was incorrectly moved to
> the bottom of the list not the DSA key.

Thanks for spotting this!  Now fixed.

> Also the openssh-portable commit references OpenBSD-Commit-ID
> 7e5d575cf4971d4e2de92e0b6d6efaba53598bf0. What does this refer to? I couldn't find a
> corresponding commit in either the openbsd or openssh-portable git repositories.

It corresponds to a private git repo that just contains the OpenBSD
changes to usr.bin/ssh and regress/usr.bin/ssh that is used in the
syncing process.  The repo is private only because we didn't think
it'd be of use to anyone else, not because it's special.

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