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Title: You tell me

The White House, Washington

Good afternoon,

When President Obama says that we can't wait to put Americans back to work, he's not just talking about the White House. He's talking about all of us. That "we" is everyone.

The President has a proposal -- the American Jobs Act -- that economists say could put nearly two million Americans back to work. But some in Congress are determined to block that jobs plan, so we're getting started with concrete actions that President Obama can take without waiting on lawmakers to debate legislation or pass a bill.

We are looking at everything that the government can do, and we know that some of the best ideas are going to come from people like you.

If you have an idea for something President Obama can do without the help of Congress, or know of a program in your community that needs to go nationwide, I want to hear from you.

Submit your recommendations at

Submit your recommendations

President Obama believes that creating jobs and growing the economy are national goals, ones we all share as Americans.

And as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, I want to make sure that the President hears about plenty of proposals to help accomplish those goals.

For the past few weeks, I've been leading a series of meetings here at the White House to come up with steps we can take right now to create more jobs -- without Congress.

That's why President Obama has signed orders to streamline research grants for entrepreneurs, help families refinance their mortgages, and make it easier for graduates to repay their student loans.

These are all actions that couldn't wait.

Now we're looking for more ideas just like these, concrete steps we can take right away to put people back to work and help make communities stronger.

Take a minute to share your idea:

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


Nancy-Ann DeParle
Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy

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