Re: [REGRESSION] GM20B probe fails after commit 2541626cfb79

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On Sat, Jan 14, 2023 at 04:27:38AM +0100, Karol Herbst wrote:
> I tried to look into it, but my jetson nano, just constantly behaves
> in very strange ways. I tried to compile and install a 6.1 kernel onto
> it, but any kernel just refuses to boot and I have no idea what's up
> with that device. The kernel starts to boot and it just stops in the
> middle. From what I can tell is that most of the tegra devices never
> worked reliably in the first place and there are a couple of random
> and strange bugs around. I've attached my dmesg, so if anybody has any
> clues why the kernel just stops doing anything, it would really help
> me.


Thank you for looking into this! I have seen this type of hang in
mainline on this SoC, and it was due to a reset not being deasserted.
Would you mind getting a log with initcall_debug enabled to pinpoint
where the hang occurs? I would be happy to help if I can.

> But maybe it would be for the best to just pull tegra support out of
> nouveau, because in the current situation we really can't spare much
> time dealing with them and we are already busy enough just dealing
> with the desktop GPUs. And the firmware we got from Nvidia is so
> ancient and different from the desktop GPU ones, that without actually
> having all those boards available and properly tested, we can't be
> sure to not break them.
> And afaik there are almost no _actual_ users, just distribution folks
> wanting to claim "support" for those devices, but then ending up using
> Nvidia's out of tree Tegra driver in deployments anyway.

> If there are actual users using them for their daily life, I'd like to
> know, because I'm aware of none.

For what it's worth, I consider myself a user of nouveau. Granted, I'm
using it as a hobby project, but in its current state it is not far from
a usable desktop experience on the Pixel C.


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