Nvidia GTX460 Zotac that doesn't work with nouveau

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I have a GTX 460 from Zotac, that works fine with proprietary drivers form nvidia. The problem is, the card runs on the 390 Series of the bvidia-drivers, and this series will be EOL in short. So i have tried to run it with nouveau and found out, it doesn't work. first i have tried with kernel 5.15.75 and it doesn't work. so i thought, i try the latest kernel 6.0.9 so i use the newest nouveau kernel module. Same problem.

in the appendix is the full dmesg output. and also the output of lspci -vvvnn

If more information is nessesary than either mail me or try to reach me on OFTC @nouveau my Nick is tuxracer, and i have NickServ it

greets Raimund

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