Re: [PATCH v7 22/23] drm/vc4: vec: Add support for more analog TV standards

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On Wed, Nov 09, 2022 at 05:55:36PM +0100, Lukas Satin wrote:
> That's great, I will test it on Ubuntu + Nouveau x86_64 and Batocera-Linux.
> I'm not interested in Raspberry Pi. I see you have some commit in
> RaspberryPi/Linux. Will this go to some Nouveau driver, so I can test it on
> x86_64 machine? I have some basic experience compiling Linux kernel (nvidia
> driver) from 10 years ago.

Nouveau is only marginally affected by this patch series. It could
leverage the work done here, but it's not part of it and I won't plan to
work on it.

The RaspberryPi is mentioned because it's the platform that will benefit
the most from it, and the main target of that series.

> Scaling is not the way to go because I do this to not use scaling. I could
> use 640x480 and scale 320x240 to that mode, right? That is what old
> retrogaming laptop LCD screens do (you can even enable this in their BIOS).
> More appropriate is to preserve pixel ratio and have some border. So you
> mostly select the closest resolution and live with small border on the
> edge. Then you can crop it on analog TV using real world dials :-)
> I joined Nouveau developer list here. I don't know why we have like 40
> email recipients here and now we discuss Raspberry.

Nouveau is marginally affected by it, so its mailing list is in Cc.


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