Re: [PATCH v3 nf-next 1/2] netfilter: nf_tables: use struct nlattr * to store userdata for nft_table

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Quan Tian <tianquan23@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  	u32				nlpid;
>  	char				*name;
> -	u16				udlen;
> -	u8				*udata;
> +	struct nlattr			*udata;

I missed this detail.  As Pablo pointed out this pointer
now needs a __rcu annotation.

And this needs something like:

struct nlattr *udata = rcu_dereference(table->udata);

if (udata) {
 	if (nla_put(skb, NFTA_TABLE_USERDATA, nla_len(udata), nla_data(udata)))

> +		if (nla_put(skb, NFTA_TABLE_USERDATA, nla_len(table->udata),
> +			    nla_data(table->udata)))

... because this version can observe different table->udata for
nla_len() and nla_data() calls if the swap() has the "right" / "wrong"

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