Re: [PATCH 1/1] tests: use common shebang in "packetpath/flowtables" test

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On Fri, Feb 09, 2024 at 01:13:04PM +0100, Thomas Haller wrote:
> "./tools/" checks for a certain shebang. Either `/bin/bash` or
> `/bin/bash -e`. No other are currently allowed, because it makes sense to be
> strict/consistent and there is no need such flexibility.

Why be picky about extra flags to /bin/bash? If you assert the first
"word" after #! is as expected, the remaining bits are known to be
bash-compatible at least, no?

> Move the "-x" to a later command.
> Note that "set -x" may not be a good choice anyway. If you want to debug
> a test and see the shell commands, you could just run
>   $ ./tests/shell/ tests/shell/testcases/packetpath/flowtables -x

Please document such things before denying other ways to achieve the
same. ;)
Seriously, if this is the way to run the tests with tracing enabled, it
should be explained in tests/shell/README.

Cheers, Phil

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