Re: Should we keep the advice to increase queue max length?

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Duncan Roe <duncan_roe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> /proc/net/netfilter/nfnetlink_queue has a line for every active queue. The 3rd
> field is the number of queued packets. The max length is not in these lines but
> kernel source suggests it is 1024 by default. Anyway, I updated nfq6 to be able
> to set the max (using mnl functions).
> And I found the maximum number of queued packets is: 238. Further packets are
> dropped.
> If I lower the max below 238, limiting occurs at the new max.
> So I propose to drop the advice to increase the queue max length when I revise
> the libnetfilter_queue main page as part of the project to stop using
> libnfnetlink.
> Anyone have any comments?

This code is very old, it stems from a time where the network stack
did not do any kind of packet aggregation.

I think the hint should be removed as you suggest.

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