Re: [PATCH v2 nft] parser: tcpopt: fix tcp option parsing with NUM + length field

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Thomas Haller <thaller@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Instead, feed the json-nft file to nft, then do a normal list-
> > ruleset,
> > then compare that vs. normal .nft file.
> The .nft and .json-nft files are all fed back into `nft --check -f`. So
> that is happening too.

Not really, this checks that the parser eats the input.

> It will also comparing the raw files (after sanitize+prettify), which
> is closer to the original thing that is supposed to be tested. That is
> why it's done.

"metainfo": {
-        "json_schema_version": 1,
+        "version": "VERSION",
"release_name": "RELEASE_NAME",
-        "version": "VERSION"
+        "json_schema_version": 1

i.e. it fails validation because the on-record file has a different
layout/ordering than what is expected.

But if you feed it into nft, nft list ruleset will generate the expected
(non-json) output.

> What issues do you mean? I don't see any. Did you test/review the two
> patches?

The first one is applied.  The second one I applied locally.

But its still picky about the formatting.

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