Re: [iptables PATCH 00/12] Misc fixes (more or less)

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On Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 02:02:10PM +0100, Phil Sutter wrote:
> This is early fallout from working on a merge of ebtables commandline
> parsers with the shared one. It is a mix of actual bug fixes, small
> improvements and an implementaion of --change-counters command for
> ebtables-nft.
> Phil Sutter (12):
>   Makefile: Install arptables-translate link and man page
>   nft-bridge: nft_bridge_add() uses wrong flags
>   xshared: struct xt_cmd_parse::xlate is unused
>   xshared: All variants support -v, update OPTSTRING_COMMON
>   xshared: Drop needless assignment in --help case
>   xshared: Drop pointless CMD_REPLACE check
>   tests: xlate: Print failing command line
>   ebtables: Drop append_entry() wrapper
>   ebtables: Make ebt_load_match_extensions() static
>   ebtables: Align line number formatting with legacy
>   xshared: do_parse: Ignore '-j CONTINUE'
>   ebtables: Implement --change-counters command

Series applied.

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