[ANNOUNCE] Coreteam updates: Eric Leblond and Arturo Borrero enter emeritus status

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Thanks to Eric Leblond and Arturo Borrero who have now become emeritus
members of the coreteam.

Eric Leblond joined the coreteam in 2012 for his continuous
contributions to the project since 2005 with a particular interest in
the nfnetlink_* subsystems that allow to send packets and logs to user
space, as well as to nftables. Eric Leblond was one of the main
organizers of NFWS 2008 in Paris, France. Eric also maintained ulogd2
for many years, the userspace software for log management.

Arturo Borrero joined the coreteam in 2017 after many years of
contributions. In particular, Arturo was instrumental in driving the
development of nftables in its early stages, after the code was merged
into the Linux kernel in January 2014. Arturo also improved the
conntrack-tools in many aspects as well.

Thank you Eric and Arturo for your contributions, your support and
your invaluable feedback in these years!

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