Re: [PATCH nft v2 0/4] [RESENT] remove xfree() and add free_const()+nft_gmp_free()

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On Thu, Nov 09, 2023 at 06:14:56PM +0100, Thomas Haller wrote:
> On Thu, 2023-11-09 at 17:05 +0100, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
> > I might end up myself using
> > free_const() everywhere not to figure out if it is const or not,
> > because I don't really care.
> That seems not a good practice. Const-correctness may help you to catch
> bugs via unwanted modifications. If constness is unnecessarily cast
> away, it's looses such hints from the compiler.

Why should I care if the pointer is const or not if what I need to
free it?

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