Re: [PATCH iptables 1/4] arptables-nft: use ARPT_INV flags consistently

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Phil Sutter <phil@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Indeed, I broke the checks for ARPT_INV_ARPHLN in there. That needs a
> fix either way.
> The ARPT_INV_* defines are part of UAPI. They can't be removed without
> breaking (or also converting?) legacy arptables.

Its just a cached header.

> Either way, we're
> breaking third-party arptables DSOs using them. Right now, they are only
> broken with arptables-nft. No idea if such DSOs exist, but if
> compatibility is to be taken seriously, there's no way around reverting
> above commit (and reintroducing do_commandarp() or at least a wrapper
> around the shared do_parse()).

arptables-legacy doesn't support runtime extension loading.

I'll post a patch to convert libarpt_mangle.c.

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