Re: [PATCH 09/10] man: use .TP for lists in xt_osf man page

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On Thursday 2023-10-26 14:26, Phil Sutter wrote:
>> @@ -8,24 +8,34 @@ Match an operating system genre by using a passive fingerprinting.
>>  \fB\-\-ttl\fP \fIlevel\fP
>>  Do additional TTL checks on the packet to determine the operating system.
>>  \fIlevel\fP can be one of the following values:
>> -.IP \(bu 4
>> -0 - True IP address and fingerprint TTL comparison. This generally works for
>> +.RS
>> +.TP
>> +\fB0\fP
>What is wrong with '.B' here? I assumed it is equivalent to the escapes
>(which I don't like for making things unreadable in most cases).

One can make lots of arguments for both sides.

* You cannot mix certain commands. This for example cannot be
  converted to use .B syntax as far as my understanding of roff
  syntax goes:

	Some \fBbold\fP keyword
	Explanation what they keyword does

	.B bold
	keyword but oops we are already in the explanation

* Desire for consistent markup across entire documentation;
  since we cannot use .B reliably, \fB offered to take the
  place and so almost all the mantext in iptables uses \fB.

* .B (and commands like it) bloat the line count if you have a lot of
  words to markup, and we certainly do in e.g. the "Synopsis"

* \(en could be changed to \[en] or to the Unicode character
  directly. But the groff manpage has ample warnings:

  """these groff extensions are presented using its special character
  form \[]"""

  """Some of these code points are used by groff for internal
  purposes, which is one reason it does not support UTF‐8

  I need to revise the \[-] patch perhaps based on what I just

That said, it's 2023. People _should_ be having a syntax-highlighting
editor, and I don't mean it needs to have fancy colors. Just set
escape codes apart (brighten or dimming, whichever is your thing),
e.g. .

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