Re: [PATCH 1/6] man: encode minushyphen the way groff/man requires it

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On Tuesday 2023-10-24 19:01, Phil Sutter wrote:
>After applying them, I checked the remaining unescaped dashes in man
>pages and found a few spots you missed. Could you please review the
>attached series and incorporate into yours as you see fit?

>6/15 extensions: TRACE: Put commands in bold font

>15/15 extensions: time: Escape dash in time strings
>14/15 extensions: *.man: Escape dash in version strings

I know of no typographic basis that dates should _not_ be expressed
with the normal regular hyphen.

>13/15 extensions: SYNPROXY: Drop linebreaks from example
>7/15 extensions: {S,D}NPT: Properly format examples
> [use .EX command]

I also have to reject this. You are disabling linebreaking, which
just causes text to run off. It's complicated:

* In PostScript & PDF (`man -t -l iptables-extensions.8 > &&
  text runs off the page and the rest just vanishes

* In HTML: it depends on additional style properties emitted into the
  HTML page by the; in any case, browsers won't wrap <pre> and let
  text equally run off when emitting to a printer. Emitting to a
  display can work (infinitely-sized page), but you have to scroll right.

* In terminals: it depends on the terminal's wrap setting. You can
  try this yourself: use Ctrl-A-R in GNU screen and type a really long

>11/15 extensions: *.man: Use U+002D dash for ranges and math terms

Number ranges should use an en dash. I fixed that now..

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