Re: [PATCH 0/1] ipset patch for nf tree

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Hi Jozsef,

On Tue, Sep 19, 2023 at 08:04:44PM +0200, Jozsef Kadlecsik wrote:
> Hi Pablo,
> Please apply the next patch against your nf tree so that it'll get 
> applied to older stable branches too.
> - Kyle Zeng reported that there is a race between IPSET_CMD_ADD and IPSET_CMD_SWAP:
>   when the schedule point was added to call_ad(), the wrong reference counter was
>   used. For long taking operations initiated from userspace the ref_netlink reference
>   counter must be used to exclude concurrent clashing operations.


Florian is taking care of this round of nf.git fixes, he will be
collecting this by tomorrow.

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