Re: [PATCH RFC libnetfilter_queue] doc: Get rid of DEPRECATED tag (Work In Progress)

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On Mon, Sep 11, 2023 at 03:54:25PM +1000, Duncan Roe wrote:
> This is a call for comments on how we want the documentation to look.
> In conjunction with the git diff, readers may find it helpful to apply the patch
> in a temporary branch and check how the web page / man pages look.
> To get web & man pages, do something like
> ./configure --enable-html-doc; make -j; firefox doxygen/html/index.html
> MANPATH=$PWD/doxygen/man:$MANPATH
> Some changes are documented below - I'll post more later
> --- Preparation for man 7 libnetfilter_queue
> The /anchor / <h1> ... </h1> combo is in preparation for making
> libnetfilter_queue.7 from the main page. mainpage is morphed to a group
> (temporarily) so all \section lines have to be changed to <h1> because \section
> doesn't work in a group. The appearance stays the same.
> ---1st stab at commit message for finished patch
> libnetfilter_queue effectively supports 2 ABIs, the older being based on
> libnfnetlink and the newer on libmnl.

Yes, there are two APIs, same thing occurs in other existing
libnetfilter_* libraries, each of these APIs are based on libnfnetlink
and libmnl respectively.

> The libnetfilter_queue-based functions were tagged DEPRECATED but
> there is a fading hope to re-implement these functions using libmnl.
> So change DEPRECATED to "OLD API" and update the main page to
> explain stuff.

libnfnetlink will go away sooner or later. We are steadily replacing
all client of this library for projects. Telling that
this is not deprecated without providing a compatible "old API" for
libmnl adds more confusion to this subject.

If you want to explore providing a patch that makes the
libnfnetlink-based API work over libmnl, then go for it.

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