Re: [PATCH nft v2 3/3] tests/shell: run each test in separate namespace and allow rootless

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Thomas Haller <thaller@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> +	UNSHARE=( unshare -f -p --mount-proc -U --map-root-user -n )
> +	if ! "${UNSHARE[@]}" true ; then
> +		# Try without PID namespace.
> +		UNSHARE=( unshare -f -U --map-root-user -n )
> +		if ! "${UNSHARE[@]}" true ; then
> +			msg_error "Unshare does not work. Rerun with -U/--no-unshare or NFT_TEST_NO_UNSHARE=y"

This will always fail here due to

in sysctl.cfg.

So please add a fallback to plain unshare -n or only use unpriv userns
if the script isn't called with uid 0.

>  	msg_info "[EXECUTING]	$testfile"
> -	test_output=$(NFT="$NFT" DIFF=$DIFF ${testfile} 2>&1)
> +	test_output=$(NFT="$NFT" DIFF=$DIFF "${UNSHARE[@]}" "$testfile" 2>&1)
>  	rc_got=$?

This is more complicated because we'll also need to collect the ruleset
dump from within the temporary ns.

Once all of that works you can remove kernel_cleanup().

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