Re: [ipset PATCH 0/4] Some testsuite improvements

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On Tue, Mar 07, 2023 at 02:58:08PM +0100, Phil Sutter wrote:
> Patch 1 fixes the reason why xlate testuite failed for me - it was
> simply not testing the right binary. Make it adhere to what the regular
> testsuite does by calling the built ipset tool instead of the installed
> one.
> Patch 2 is just bonus, the idea for it came from a "does this even work"
> sanity check while debugging the above.
> Patch 3 fixes for missing 'netmask' tool on my system. Not entirely
> satisfying though, there's no 'sendip', either (but the testsuite may
> run without).
> Patch 4 avoids a spurious testsuite failure for me. Not sure if it's a
> good solution or will just move the spurious failure to others' systems.


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