Re: [iptables PATCH 0/7] Small ebtables-translate review + extras

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On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 01:23:59PM +0100, Phil Sutter wrote:
> The initial goal was to fix the apparent problem of ebtables-translate
> printing 'counter' statement in wrong position, namely after the
> verdict. Turns out this happened when targets were used "implicitly",
> i.e. without requesting them via '-j'. Since ebtables-nft loaded all
> extensions (including targets) upfront, a syntax like:
> | # ebtables-nft -A FORWARD --mark-set 1
> was accepted and valid. The 'mark' target in this case was added to
> iptables_command_state's 'match_list' as if it was a watcher.
> Legacy ebtables does not allow this syntax, also it becomes hard for
> users to realize why two targets can't be used in the same rule. So
> reject this (in patch 2) and implicitly fix the case of 'counter'
> statement in wrong position.
> Fixing the above caused some fallout: Patch 1 fixes error reporting of
> unknown arguments (or missing mandatory parameters) in all tools, patch
> 7 extends to conveniently run for all libebt_*.txlate
> files (for instance).
> The remaining patches 3 to 6 contain cleanups of xtables-eb-translate.c
> in comparison to xtables-eb.c, also kind of preparing for a merge of the
> two largely identical parsers (at least).
> Phil Sutter (7):
>   Proper fix for "unknown argument" error message
>   ebtables: Refuse unselected targets' options
>   ebtables-translate: Drop exec_style
>   ebtables-translate: Use OPT_* from xshared.h
>   ebtables-translate: Ignore '-j CONTINUE'
>   ebtables-translate: Print flush command after parsing is finished
>   tests: xlate: Support testing multiple individual files

Series applied.

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