Re: [PATCH net-next v4 6/7] net/sched: act_ct: offload UDP NEW connections

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On Tue, 24 Jan 2023 15:02:06 +0100 Vlad Buslov wrote:
> Modify the offload algorithm of UDP connections to the following:
> - Offload NEW connection as unidirectional.
> - When connection state changes to ESTABLISHED also update the hardware
> flow. However, in order to prevent act_ct from spamming offload add wq for
> every packet coming in reply direction in this state verify whether
> connection has already been updated to ESTABLISHED in the drivers. If that
> it the case, then skip flow_table and let conntrack handle such packets
> which will also allow conntrack to potentially promote the connection to
> - When connection state changes to ASSURED set the flow_table flow
> NF_FLOW_HW_BIDIRECTIONAL flag which will cause refresh mechanism to offload
> the reply direction.
> All other protocols have their offload algorithm preserved and are always
> offloaded as bidirectional.
> Note that this change tries to minimize the load on flow_table add
> workqueue. First, it tracks the last ctinfo that was offloaded by using new
> flow 'ext_data' field and doesn't schedule the refresh for reply direction
> packets when the offloads have already been updated with current ctinfo.
> Second, when 'add' task executes on workqueue it always update the offload
> with current flow state (by checking 'bidirectional' flow flag and
> obtaining actual ctinfo/cookie through meta action instead of caching any
> of these from the moment of scheduling the 'add' work) preventing the need
> from scheduling more updates if state changed concurrently while the 'add'
> work was pending on workqueue.

Clang is not happy:

net/sched/act_ct.c:677:12: warning: cast to smaller integer type 'enum ip_conntrack_info' from 'typeof (_Generic((flow->ext_data), char: (char)0, unsigned char: (unsigned char)0, signed char: (signed char)0, unsigned short: (unsigned short)0, short: (short)0, unsigned int: (unsigned int)0, int: (int)0, unsigned long: (unsigned long)0, long: (long)0, unsigned long long: (unsigned long long)0, long long: (long long)0, default: (flow->ext_data)))' (aka 'void *') [-Wvoid-pointer-to-enum-cast]
                else if ((enum ip_conntrack_info)READ_ONCE(flow->ext_data) ==

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