Re: [conntrack-tools 6/6] build: fix dependency-tracking of yacc-generated header

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On Saturday 2021-09-25 17:10, Jeremy Sowden wrote:
>List it as a built source in order to force make to create it before
>compilation.  Otherwise, a parallel make can end up attempting to
>compile the output of lex before yacc has finished generating its own
>--- a/src/
>+++ b/src/
>@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ endif
> AM_YFLAGS = -d
>+BUILT_SOURCES = read_config_yy.h
> MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = read_config_yy.c read_config_yy.h read_config_lex.c

I have a strong reason to believe that you could just 

 read_config_yy.h: read_config_yy.y

(detail )

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