Re: [xtables-addons] xt_ipp2p: add ipv6 module alias

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On 2021-09-14, at 21:53:00 +0200, kaskada@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thank you for your new patch. I re-downloaded new xtables sources from
> git and run these commands as usual: (I did check that your latest
> patch is really in the downloaded sources - and it is)

> ./
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> depmod -a
> But this command:
> $ ip6tables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -m ipp2p --dc -j ACCEPT
> ip6tables v1.8.4 (legacy): Couldn't load match `ipp2p':No such file or
> directory
> Try `ip6tables -h' or 'ip6tables --help' for more information.
> ... is still complaining for something, I`m sorry.

I've just built, installed and tested the latest source in a clean
Buster VM and everything worked as expected.  Therefore, I suspect you
needed to `modprobe -r xt_ipp2p` first.


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