module ipp2p (xtables) for ip6tables? No such file or directory...

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Hello forum,

I`m trying to use this ip6tables rule (similar I`m used to use in iptables):

ip6tables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -m ipp2p --dc -j ACCEPT

But I get only this error:

ip6tables v1.8.4 (legacy): Couldn't load match `ipp2p':No such file or directory
Try `ip6tables -h' or 'ip6tables --help' for more information.

I`m running pkg-xtables-addons-debian-3.18-1 (compiled from sources) on Debian 10 and iptables variant works as expected:
iptables -m ipp2p --help
iptables v1.8.4
Usage: iptables -[ACD] chain rule-specification [options]

What am I doing wrong, please? Or it seems ip6tables are not supported by ipp2p module?

Thank you, Pep.

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