Re: nfnetlink_queue -- why linear lookup ?

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(reset, typo: LIFO->FIFO)

On 8/15/21 3:07 PM, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 02:17:08PM +0200, alexandre.ferrieux@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
So, the only way forward would be a separate hashtable on ids.

Using the rhashtable implementation is fine for this, it's mostly
boilerplate code that is needed to use it and there are plenty of
examples in the kernel tree if you need a reference.

Thanks, that's indeed pretty simple. I was just worried that people would object to adding even the slightest overhead (hash_add/hash_del) to the existing code path, that satisfies 99% of uses (FIFO). What do you think ?

PS: what is the intended dominant use case for batch verdicts ?

Issuing a batch containing several packets helps to amortize the
cost of the syscall.

Yes, but that could also be achieved by passing an array of ids. The extra constraint of using a (contiguous) range means that there is no outlier. This seems to imply that ranges are no help when flows are multiplexed. Or maybe, the assumption was that bursts tend to be homogeneous ?


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